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Compstall Co-operative Industrial Society


The Co-operative Industrial Society in Compstall


Series of folders containing items relating to Compstall Co-operative Industrial Society.


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Souvenir Booklet of Jubilee Celebrations 1851-1901.
Two Souvenir Booklet of Jubilee Celebrations dated 1851 -1901 by John McLean and AA Hewitt.
Fifty Years' History of the Compstall Co-operative Industrial Society Limited with photographs.

Newspaper Articles relating to the  Co-operative Industrial Society.
Press cuttings from 1910 to 1984 :
1906 Photocopy of newsaper photograph of High Lane Co-op
1910 Opening of Romiley Branch
1910 Opening of Marple Branch
1930 Retirement of Manager Mr J Hambleton after 50 years of service
1936 Opening of…

Advertisement for C.W.S.  Biscuits
Flyer for C.W.S. Biscuits showing a lady, posing the question "Why do they go so quickly"

Leaflet :   150 years of Co-operation : 1994
Leaflet entitled 150 Years of Co-Operation giving detail of exhibitions around Manchester celebrating the Co-operation in Manchester, including the The People's History Museum, Manchester Jewish Museum, Working Class Movement Library , Ordsall Hall…

Programme : Concert to celebrate opening of Marple Bridge Co-op 1893
Programme promoting Grand Demonstration, Tea Parties and Concerts to celebrate the opening of New Stores at Marple Bridge on the 18th February 1893 at 2.30pm.
Listing Artistes and speakers with report from Wm Booth Secetary, names of Architect,…

Details of Co-op Exhibition 1994
3 typed pages giving notes and details for Exhibition on the history of the Compstall Co-operative Industrial Society held on the 16-23rd September 1994.
Typed time line giving details of premises and change of uses of Co-op shops in the area…

"The  Wheatsheaf Magazine" : Compstall Co-Op Industrial Soc.
Material relating to the Wheatsheaf Magazine Compstall Co-op :
1. Original copy of The Wheatsheaf Magazine from August 1938. Donated by Peter Clark.
2. Three photocopies of promotional material from Wheatsheaf.
a. 1935 : Entitled "Yours" listing…

Rule book of the Compstall Co-operative Industrial Society : 1920
Original copy of the Rule Book for the Compstall Co-operative Industrial Society Limited.
These rules were revised by the Members of the Society at a Special Meeting called for that purpose on September 20th 1920.

Time table/Programme  for Whit-Friday Excursion 1913
Original Time table / Programme for the Compstall Co-operative Industrial Society Ltd Excursion to Edinburgh on Whit-Friday May 16th 1913 giving details of trains, activities and Teas.

Redevelopment of Marple Bridge Co-operative Building.
Estate Agents details of Flats for Sale after the redevelopment of the building that was Marple Bridge shop of the Compstall Co-operative Industrial Society Ltd.
Also Photographs of the original building and during alterations.

Photographs of  Staff & Premises of Compstall  Co-operative Industrial Society
Various photographs (original, photocopied, black and white and coloured) of Compstall Co-0perative Industrial Society's buildings, staff, development dating from early 1900's to 1989.
Small black & White photograph of Romiley Co-op : Undated

Memorandum from Co-operative Industrial Society dated 1909
Photocopy of memo from The Committee signed by Geo Wilkinson to the Rev. R.S. Woodall, Marple declining his offer of a building to use as a shop

Photographs of Demolition of Mill Buildings and Building of Marple Co-op : 1988 - 1989
Four colour photographs showing the demolition of buildings on the old Hollins Mill site on Hollins Lane and building of the new Co-op at Ridgeway, Marple. 1988 -1989
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