Marple Hall Folder 07 : Mary Bradshaw/Pimlott/Isherwood

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Marple Hall Folder 07 : Mary Bradshaw/Pimlott/Isherwood


Marple Hall, Mary Bradshaw / Pimlott / Isherwood.


Folder containing items relating to Mary Bradshaw / Pimlott / Isherwood.

Not filed in alphabetical index due to quantity of material.
Located in Cabinet B : Bottom Drawer


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Collection Items

Photos of Bradshaw Hall, Bolton Church
Five photocopies of black & white photographs:-
(a) two of Bradshaw Hall, near Bolton, Lancs
(b) Bolton parish church, demolished 1866
(c) Bolton market place in 1816, from a watercolour drawing
(d) Brabyns Hall, Marple Bridge
Typed notes on…

Notes on Parson Folds
Extract from unknown book : Supplementary Sheet : giving information on the connection to the Bradshawe / Isherwood family of Alice Pimlott, wife of Parson Folds, with particular reference to the marriage of Mary Bradshaw to William Pimlott and…

Will of Nathaniel Isherwood of Marple 1765
Four page photocopy on A3 paper of original will of Nathaniel Isherwood 1765.Typed three page transcript of the last will and testament of Nathaniel Isherwood of Marple "being in bad health but of sound and disposing mind, memory and understanding",…

Bradshaw to Pimlott to Isherwood.
Eight display pages from undated exhibition giving information and dates on how the Bradshaw family married into the Pimlotts and then the Isherwoods.

John Pimlott's Will dated 1761
Photocopy of original will of John Pimlott from the Public Records Office of the National Archives.
In his will he left Marple Hall, lands and tenements in Offerton, Bosden and Bolton, Lancs and all his worldly goods to his wife Alice and their…
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