Marple Hall Folder 10 : Thomas Bradshaw Isherwood & Mary Ellen. 1820 -1895

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Marple Hall Folder 10 : Thomas Bradshaw Isherwood & Mary Ellen. 1820 -1895


Marple Hall, Thomas Bradshaw Isherwood & Mary Ellen. 1820 -1895.


Folder containing items relating to Thomas Bradshaw Isherwood & Mary Ellen. 1820 -1895.

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Census Records for Marple Hall : 1841 - 1881
Typed information from the Census records for Marple Hall : 1851 - 1891.
Typed notes on the census records. e.g. the family was not home on the night of the 1841 census and in 1871 the Hall was housing a lady's boarding school.

Thomas Bradshaw Isherwood :   Death
Copy of death certificate for Thomas dated 1895 died at Lunatic Asylum in Buxton.
Two typed newspaper articles re Internment at All Saints Church.
1. Stockport Advertiser 2 Aug 1895.
2. North Cheshire Herald, undated. Also original cutting from…

Material on Thomas Bradshaw Isherwood
Typed transcript from Stockport Advertiser 7 Oct 1841 describing Thomas Bradshaw Isherwood's coming of age festivities at Marple Hall. (Photocopy of full newspaper report MAH/026/011)
Brief biography and additional information on his life in Marple…

Mrs Bradshaw Isherwood :  Obituary Notices
Obituary notices for the death of Ellen Bradshaw Isherwood :
1. Stockport Advertiser 14. Nov 1890.
2. Grantham Journal 15 Nov 1890.
3. Two pages from unknown publication "pleasant memories" of Ellen.
4. Two display sheets giving information…

Two Photographs of Mrs Ellen Bradshaw Isherwood
Sepia photograph of Ellen signed "Yours very sincerely Ellen Bradshawe Isherwood"
Photocopy of black and white photograph signed "E Bradshaw Isherwood", both undated.

Bradshaw Isherwood connection to Churches
Typed information : Brief description of the Bradshaw Isherwoods connection to All Saints Church. Report on building of St John's church school at Offerton and Mrs Bradshaw Isherwood laying the foundation stone in 1876.Report (undated) on Mrs…

Chartist Trouble at Marple Hall in 1842
Three accounts covering Chartists descent on Marple Hall and Mrs Ellen Bradshaw Isherwood's role. Extract and front cover from "Sybil" by Benjamin Disraeli in which he dramatized this episode in his book after he heard about the Chartist incident at…

Estate Papers & Maps from Marple Hall
Photocopy of receipt for the sum paid by Mrs Isherwood for trimming and weeding the drive at Marple Hall, dated 1864, from Stockport Public Archives.
Photocopy of full year Payments and Allowances 1876. and January 1877.
Photocopies of maps dated…
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