Marple Hall Folder 14 : Judge John Bradshaw (Regicide) 1602 - 1659

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Marple Hall Folder 14 : Judge John Bradshaw (Regicide) 1602 - 1659


Marple Hall, Judge John Bradshaw (Regicide) 1602 - 1659.


Folder of items relating to Judge John Bradshaw (Regicide) 1602 - 1659.

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Collection Items

Biographical information on John Bradshaw 1602 - 1659
Eight pages of biographical information on Judge John Bradshaw 1602 - 1659.
Photograph of pages from Stockport Parish Church Register for December 1602
"John sonne of Henrye Bradshaw of Marple was baptized the 10th" beside which a different hand…

Images of John Bradshaw
Various photocopies of images of John Bradshaw
Black & white photograph of Armoured Hat worn by John Bradshaw at trial of Charles 1.
Postcard of King Charles from a painting by an unknown English artist in the Grosvenor Museum
Letter from…

Trial of Charles 1st 1648
Photocopy of lithograph describing "The Tryal of the Royal Martyr King Charles 1 at Westminster 1648".
Publication from HM Stationery Office 1986 showing original and text of Death Warrant along with and signatories.
Original / Transcript of "The…

Newspaper / Magazine Articles relating to John Bradshaw
Various newspaper/magazine articles from The Cheshire Sheaf 1922, Stockport Heritage Magazine 1988 and others, relating to Judge John Bradshaw.
Handwritten and typed transcripts from miscellaneous newspapers both national and local.

Properties connected to John Bradshaw
Photocopies of properties related to John Bradshaw.:
Drawing : The Old Church at Stockport taken down in 1812.
Drawing : President Bradshaw's house pulled down 1820. This was located at Congleton - see MAH/021/02.
Drawing : Marbury Hall,…

Pamphlet : Bradshaws Ghost : 1659
Photocopy of "a scurrilous pamflet" printed after John Bradshaw's death with the title "Bradshaw's ghost: being a dialogue between the said ghost and an apparition of the Late King Charles". To which is added John Bradshaw's Last Will and Testament.

Extract : John Bradshaw's connection with Congleton
Photocopied extracts from 'Congleton Past & Present' relating to Bradshaw's connection in the area. This includes references to his Court, House, Civil War and Cromwell. Date and author unknown.

Extract : Invitation to Marple Hall : Anne Bannister
Extracts from "Invitation to Marple Hall" a book by Anne Bannister. Pages 46-51 consist of a conversation with Mary Isherwood about the life of John Bradshaw and pages 81-84 with Mr & Mrs Isherwood inspecting the fourposter bed used by Judge…

Extract : King Charles l : Pauline Gregg
Extract from 'King Charles l' by Pauline Gregg 1981. Chapter 35 entitled 'To vindicate his helpless right' detailing events up to his trial and John Bradshaw's involvement.

Extract : Cromwell Our Chief of Men : Antonia Fraser
Extracts from Antonia Frasers book : 'Cromwell Chief of Men' printed in 1973 by Mandarin in which John Bradshaw is mentioned.

Extract : John Bradshaw, The Regicide
Photocopied article from Lancashire Stories Vol 1, year/author unknown, entitled 'John Bradshaw, The Regicide, The story of the Lancashire man who condemned his King to death'.
Pages 193 -203 with illustrations

Extract : President Bradshaw : Thomas Cooper
Photocopy of Thomas Cooper's biographical article entitled 'President Bradshaw', pages 208-227.
Extracted from Bygone Cheshire, edited by William Andrews. Printed in 1895 Chester by Phillipson & Golder

Life & Times of John Bradshaw : College Project : Joan Salt
Plastic folder containing original college assignment by Joan Salt 1960,
Seven chapters covering the history of John Bradshaw including, maps and photographs plus bibliography 1602-1659.
Donated 2012.

Every day life of a Country Gentleman in the 17th Century  : Lord President Bradshaw
Photocopy of book : "Everyday life of a Country Gentleman of Cheshire in the 17th Century : as shewn in the private expenditure journal of Henry Bradshaw of Marple and Wybersleigh" by A Craig Gibson F.S.A. (Read 8th January 1863)
The journal…

History of John Bradshaw : Hugh Fletcher
Three handwritten foolscap pages written by Hugh Fletcher entitled " John Bradshaw, Lord President of the Council which condemned King Charles I to death on Jan 26th 1649".
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