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Material on Joel Wainwright


Miscellaneous material relating to Joel Wainwright, his home, family, career and interests :
  1. “Marple’s First Historian” : copy of an article from Cheshire History 63 (2023). [pending]
  2. “The man behind the book” : typewritten copy of a lecture on JW (no author).
  3. Press cuttings and photocopies relating to JW’s funeral.
  4. Photocopies and original of JW’s Christmas Card greetings composed by himself.
  5. Photocopied report of a visit to Marple, hosted by JW (organisation not specified).
  6. Inscriptions on JW’s family gravestone at St Mary’s, Disley, with photographs of the church and grave.
  7. Photocopied extract from the Ashton Herald, 1891, of an article by JW entitled “Marple and the Neighbourhood”.
  8. Photocopy of a letter of JW to Mrs Alice Booth, October 1907.
  9. Photocopied extracts on JW’s second wife, Betsy.
  10. Photocopied article on a visit by the Manchester Geographical Society to Marple, hosted by JW in 1900.
  11. Photocopy of one of JW’s “Reminiscences” lectures, this one of the Geographical Society.
  12. Photocopied extract from the Journal of the Manchester Geographical Society reporting a visit to Marple in 1891 by the Society, hosted by JW.
  13. Photocopies of family weddings involving JW.
  14. Photos and estate agent’s information about JW’s house Finchwood.


Two large ledgers compiled by Joel Wainwright "Newspaper Cuttings" in gold leaf on spine containing miscellaneous collection of post cards, sketches, newspaper reports, obits, marriages and articles on various subjects both local and national dating from 1831 to 1914.
Too large for general filing.

CABINET 7 : Hall cabinet
(CAB/07/01 & CAB/07/02 )




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“Material on Joel Wainwright,” Marple Local History Society Archives, accessed July 24, 2024,

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