Box File 24b : Waller Family Legal & Methodism

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Box File 24b : Waller Family Legal & Methodism




1. Booklet ‘Thomas, Ralph and Samuel Waller, Mill owners and Methodists of Manchester and Mellor’ by Ann Hearle

2. Court Papers
1821 : Trial of Samuel Waller for street preaching, with several photocopied accounts of his imprisonment, the trial and his three month sentence
1838 : Typed abstract of original Chancery papers between Mary Ann Waller, widow, Thomas Brindley, butcher and T & S Waller.
(Laminated copy of response from T & S Waller is in Map Drawer 2)
1878 : Court case, Pridham v Waller. Photocopy of original Statement of Claim and Defence : re Estate of Thomas Waller deceased.
1925-1927 : Court case, Adshead v Adshead, re Ralph Davenport Waller Estate. Photocopies of original affidavits.
1925-1954 : Papers establishing “Heir in Law” American connection, correspondence from solicitor, affidavit M A Waller 1945, letter summarising history.
1939-1947 : Research notes on court case re Pauline Sweeter’s ‘search for the settlement of the whole estate of the Waller family’.

3. Legal & Deeds
1813 : Executors Oath for Charles Waller
1837 : Will of Ralph Waller
1864 : Will of Thomas Waller
1925 : Will of Ralph Davenport Waller

1786-1800 : Abstract – Indenture – John Wild – land for Scout Hut
1786-1909 : Schedule of Deeds held by J H Clarke
1800-1929 : Information taken from the Deeds of Primitive Methodist Chapel Moor End (Scout Hut)
1802-1851 : Brierley Papers : Sanuel Brierley’s will 1802, John Brierley’s will 1851, Latin papers unreadable
1816-1931 : Extract from Title Deeds of Devonshire Arms
1839-1882 : List of Waller deeds held at Stockport Town Hall.
1852-1883 : Schedule of various Title Deeds compiled by Mrs Horrocks
1877 : Indenture between Ann & Edward Moore and Thomas Waller, £160 sale of land
1895 : Extract of deed between John Wild and Thomas Waller

4. Methodist
1848 : Two letters from Rev Ralph Waller to his brother
1849 : Photocopied extracts from ‘The Methodist New Connexion Magazine’
1849 : Death of Rev R Waller
1849 : Biography of R Waller Jan pages 1-9, Feb pages 51-61,
Photocopies of ‘Memoir of the Rev Ralph Waller’, pages 1-192
Handwritten biography of Ralph Waller
Photocopied extract from ‘Primitive Methodism 1800-1860, Vol 1’
Photocopied extract from ‘A Methodist Pageant’ by B A Barber
Photocopied extract from ‘History of the Primitive Methodist Church, Vol 2’
17 typed pages, origin unknown, with subtitles ‘ The spread eastwards 1821-22’, ‘Oldham circuit’ and ‘The New Mills area’.
Photocopied extract, origin unknown, re. Samuel and Ralph Waller
1865 : Memoir of Mr Thomas Waller in Methodist Free Church Magazine
1895 : A poem dedicated to Mr Waller by A H Arnfield at Celebrations of New House chapel and school
1987 : Research correspondence with minutes and records from Methodist Archive

5. Industry
Industrial time line 1813 – 1945.

Industrial information relating to the Wallers can be seen by searching "Dove Mill".


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