Newspaper Articles relating to Compstall Area

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Newspaper Articles relating to Compstall Area


Numerous newspaper articles relating to Compstall Area from various publications and subjects in three punched pockets. 

(a)  collection dating from 1700s and 1800s including : 1817 Compstall Bridge tenders, 1827 flood at Compstall Bridge, 1829 postal and coach service, 1874 advising of a meeting of the Compstall Sick and Funeral Club; various property sales; minor crimes and accidental deaths.

(b) dating from 1900 - 198s including items on: Council meetings, requested deployment of Labour Exchange Clerk from Marple to Compstall 3 days a week, demolition of 'picturesque'  Bridge St terraced housing, general histories, household and commercial auctions, Compstall cooperative, Compstall Church, planning issues, household and commercial sales.

(c)  covers the dates from 1990 to 2015 including : carving of the owl at the entrance to the village, music festivals at Whitebottom Farm, Fertilizer fire, Council's plans for investment in and reopening of Athenaeum building, sale of Church and its redevlopment, inadequacy of street lighting, Pamela's memories of Compstall.




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“Newspaper Articles relating to Compstall Area,” Marple Local History Society Archives, accessed July 20, 2024,

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