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a. Laminated A4 Poster advertising Exhibition at Marple Library on the 14th - 27th November 1999. "Remembered - Marple Men who fell in The Great War" .b. Newspaper cuttings relating to this exhibitionand to the book 'Remembered' written by Peter…

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Two display items detailing extracts from the diary of Charles Bellairs, who visited Marple Hall in 1838. These describe the hall's location in the countryside, plans to attend an Agricultural Society meeting and some information on the inheritance…

Two photocopied documents from email correspondence between Mark Whittaker and "Axel" after a complaint regarding the Restoration of the Iron Bridge. 2008

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Press cuttings and magazine articles, some photocopied, about Etherow Country Park from 1988 - 2019.Topics covered include : general history and descriptions; opportunities for sailing; unsuccessful plans for hydro-electric scheme at…

Original receipt from The Imperial Hotel, Russell Square, London for 6 shillings made out to J Swindells Esq.

Original black and white photograph of Mellor Lacrosse team from 1928/29 after winning 3rd Division. Donated by Tom Oldham who is second from the right on the back row, with his Uncle Hugh sitting in the centre of front row.Copy of photograph of…

Five printed pages with information and photographs of the major industries of Bredbury & Romiley compiled by Neil Mullineux 2021

Information from various sources including Bredbury Urban Disctict Council Guide circa 1974, Brief History booklet…

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A3 Drawing and key showing the proposed restoration of Mellor Memorial Gardens : Not to scale : No dateArticle from The Review (Spring/Summer 2011) describing restoration work on Mellor Memorial Garden resulting in winning of Pride in Marple Award.

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Original Orders of Service for Annual Sermons held at All Saints' Church on behalf of its Day and Sunday Schools:a. 17 July 1881,b. 19 July 1896.c. 15 July 1923.

Research material and correspondence with P Jennings & MLHS in regard to the Tank Banks under the National War Bonds and Savings Certificate scheme and awarded to Marple for their contribution.
Photograph shows tank at Marple Memorial…

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Photograph of Wooden plaque with names of Chairman of the Council listed chronologically from 1874 - 1974 located in Marple Library

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Flyer promoting Marple Local History Society Exhibition at the Library "60 Years of History"
Also pages from comments book written by the people attending.

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Original and transcript of newspaper report under the heading "Reminiscences of Marple Bridge : A time when the Village was Alive : A Colliery at Each End : The Good Old Days" . Includes reminiscences of Marple Bridge in previous times compared to…

100 loose typed pages with illustrations in a clear folder donated to MLHS by Steve Till in 2019 in recognition of the help he received by Ruth Hargreaves, Bill Beard and Hilary Atkinson in researching the "Ratcliffe of Marple" side of his ancestors.…

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Handwritten school text book belonging to Warwick R Burton for his Design Course 1971 -1972 with the title "All Change at Marple!"
History of Marple Station and railways given in text, drawings and photographs.

Correspondence relating to the Grant Application from "Awards for All" Lottery Grant.
Award Certificate
Spending Regulations

Photocopy of a newspaper article from the North Cheshire Herald dated 28.3.1931 accompanied by a photograph of Joe Cooper and his dog Prince with a brief biography of his life and work in Compstall.
A well known character who sat on Brabyns Brow…

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Poster for "Books Not Beer" advertising a Free Exhibition celebrating the Centenary of the Opening of Hawk Green Reading Room, 30th September 2007 with exhibits on history of Reading Rooms, Goyt Mill, refreshments etc.

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Two page typed document entitled "A Brief History of Woodville Estate, Marple" written by Peter Bardsley from Marple Local History Society dated 1996

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Copy and information of envelope with logo of Carver Bros, Gibraltar sent 1856 with date stamp description.

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Original Architect's drawing showing unit for handicapped children, "Cleadon" Dale Road, Marple dated 7.4.78

Three pages from "Local History & Heritage with Marple Website" downloaded from
Written by Peter Clark, under the heading "Disappeared without Trace" giving The Story of Hollins Mill with text, maps and photographs

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WEA course "Marple's Ancient Footpaths" by Don Lee 1990 ; Agenda information including 6 walk routes with associated maps.

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Correspondence with Howard Bernstein in relation to the history and residents of "Ellerslie"
1. Abstract of Title of William Livesey dated 1904. to land and dwelling house called Ellerslie at Marple, with plan.
2. Various census records 1851 to…

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Full page article from Marple Review Autumn 2004 by Avril Marsh, giving a report with photographs of the closure of Cataract Bridge Mill under the headline " End of an Era"
Photograph of Don Lingard, director and the fourth generation of the family…
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