The Society Meetings 2007 - 2008

September 2007 Girl Power – Manchester Style

Jean Bailo


October 2007 Ellen Turner – Local Girl in National Scandal

Kate Atkinson


November 2007 Life in Longdendale

David Frith


December 2007 Christmas Party The lighter side of Local History

Jack Turnbull


January 2008 Underground Stockport

Kevin Dranfield


February 2008 The John Rylands Library and its collections

Dawn Yates


March 2008 10,000 years in Mellor

Ann Hearle


April 2008 AGM – followed by: Fire in the Summit Tunnel

Donald Reid


July 2008 Cheese & Wine Evening

at the Old Vicarage, Mellor

Rosemary Taylor - a personal memoir

rose portrait 1st pAGEUp to the age of 12, I had a happy childhood. My father, Henry Angus Milne, known as Harry, was the manager of the Leicester branch of Rayner & Keeler dispensing opticians. My mother, Ethel, was a full-time housewife, which was conventional in those days.

When I was 11, I passed the scholarship exam, which meant I could go to one of the girls’ secondary schools in Leicester (later called grammar schools). My parents chose The Newarke School which had recently moved to new premises. Like many girls’ schools then The Newarke had an all female staff. I started there in September 1939 when the war had just begun and for the first term we shared our premises with a city-centre school while their cellars were strengthened to make air raid shelters. Our shelters were built on and partly under one of the hockey pitches and we had an extra week’s holiday while this was done.

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