Marple Hall Folder 15 : Peace Farm

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Marple Hall Folder 15 : Peace Farm


Peace Farm


Folder of items relating to Peace Farm.

Not filed in alphabetical index due to quantity of material.
Located in Cabinet B : Bottom Drawer



Collection Items

Photographs of Peace Farm : Birthplace of John Bradshaw
Several black & white photographs and photocopies of photographs of front and rear of Place Farm later to be called Peace Farm.
Photocopy of exhibition notice with photograph of Peace Farm and brief history.

Inspection of Peace Farm : 1937
Council report on Peace Farm 'House' carried out at the request of Councillor Smith requesting Surveyor Mr Cooper carry out inspection of ground floor flagged area. The flags were taken up in three places in the living room and in two of these, stone…

Material on Demolition Marple's Oldest Building :  1937
1. Original Newspaper cutting from North Cheshire Herald dated 25 June 1937 reporting on the demolition of Peace Farm and a much older black and white structured building found within. At this time a section of the inner building, 12 feet long and 4…

Newspaper article on forthcoming demolition of Peace Farm :  1935
Original copy and photocopy of newspaper article from the Stockport Advertiser on the 18th October 1935, written by James E McDonald, giving a detailed history of Peace Farm, entitled "The Place, Marple : Judge Bradshaw's Birthplace".

Blue Plaque for Lord President : 1993
Colour photographs showing the unveiling of Blue Plaque commemorating the birthplace of John Bradshaw. This has been located on side wall of the new Petrol Station on the junction of Church Lane/Stockport Road (former location of the Place) by Mayor…
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