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Compstall Choral Society
Original newspaper cutting dated 1909 giving account of the Compstall Choral Society Annual Concert held at the Marple Bridge Congregational Hall : 1909

Compstall & Etherow Country Park Visitor Guide
1. Leaflet with map of walks in Etherow Country Park with brief history, flora & fauna and points interest.
2. Booklet priced £2.50 by Roy Westall entitled Compstall & Etherow Country Park Visitors Guide with photographs of buildings and places of…

Whitebottom Farm, Compstall
Photocopy of photograph of Whitebottom Farm, Compstall
Marple Website : 118 - Whitebottom Farm, Compstall.
From the 1993 Marple Civic Society exhibition of Listed Buildings.

The Geology and Industrial Archaeology of Compstall : 1988
Draft typed document dated 1988 by Derek Brumhead entitled The Geology and Industrial Archaeology of Compstall (3 pages with references)
3 Page Trail around village and local area identifying 17 points of interest with accompanying hand drawn map.

Heritage Restoration and Interpretation Project : Etherow Country Park.
Four page typed (undated) document entitled Heritage Restoration and Interpretation Project. Document summarises the aims of the project, costings involved and details of interested parties.Includes: account of Park's origins as part of Andrew family…

Auction Particulars for  The George Hotel and cottages at Compstall Bridge 1897
Original and photocopy of Notice of Auction to be held By Messrs Lycett & Co, Manchester at The Thatched House Hotel in Manchester 19th January 1897 for the George Hotel and Cottages : Memorandum of Agreement : Particulars : Conditions of Sale :…

Auction of Ernocroft Hall, Compstall 1925
Challinors & Shaw, Solicitors by order of the Mortgagees advertising flyer giving details of Auction for sale of Ernocroft Hall, Compstall to be held on 10th November 1925
Auctioneers Brady & Son, Manchester
Handwritten card stating sold for…

Proposed Extension of Compstall Conservation Area 2006
Letter from Stockport M.B.C. dated 3rd January 2006 to MLHS regarding the proposed extension of the current Compstall Conservations area.Letter includes information on reasons for extending area and subsequent addtitional planning controls necessary…

Etherow Country Park press cuttings and magazine articles
Press cuttings and magazine articles, some photocopied, about Etherow Country Park from 1988 - 2019.Topics covered include : general history and descriptions; opportunities for sailing; unsuccessful plans for hydro-electric scheme at…

Photographs : Compstall School Classes
One original Compstall School Photographs with names underneath 1923.
Four black and white photocopies of school photographs undated and unamed.

The Compstall Story by Leslie Rice : 1984
Booklet entitled The Compstall Story written by Leslie Rice 1984.History and development of Compstall village, Mill and Etherow Country Park. Illustrated with several photos from 1908 onwards, two line drawings and advertisements for local businesses

Harry George Healey : Headmaster St Pauls Compstall : 1900
Miscellaeous material including documents, Certificates and newspaper articles relating to Harry George Healey, Headmaster of St Pauls Compstall (Donated by Tim Lowe of Sycamore Farm, Mill Brow 2010).Personal information:Scholar's Honour Certificate…

The Coal Trail : Etherow Country Park
Leaflet entitled The Coal Trail : A Brief History of Coal Mining in Ernocroft Wood with guided walk and historical background.

The Compstall Navigation : Private Canal
Photocopy of four pages extracted from "Canals to Manchester" D Owen. Manchester University Press Chapter 9 entitled The Compstall Navigation giving information on the very small private canal in the Etherow Valley.Originally a mill leat built to…

Notes of Talk : The Andrews & Compstall their village given by Mr R E Thelwall
4 double side handwritten notes from talk by Mr R E Thelwall on "Andrews and Compstall their village" given on 27th April 1971. Based on his book giving history, dates and the Andrews' involvement in Compstall.

Stafford/Barton Family Photographs & Family Tree
20 Black & White Photographs showing Stafford/Barton and Ingham family photographs with accompanying list provided Susan McKay.1. Marple Band including Charlie and Albert Ingham2. Compstall Band including Charlie and Albert Ingham3. MFBC - Albert…

Oral memories taken in 1960's : Mr Holden and Jack Bradbury
Three typed transcripts from Cassettes held at MLHS from two of Compstalls oldest residents.1. Mr Holden, born 1892 in Compstall, worked at Compstall Mill and Bredbury Steel Works and for Bredbury & Romily UDC.2, Jack Bradbury lived all his life…

Memories of Compstall : 1879 - 1963 : Talk
Typed "Memories" of Compstall by Mrs F Swindells 1897 - 1963 : 15 min talk?
Photocopied handwritten document entitled "My Memories of Compstall Co-op" from Mrs Bridge, no date.

Go to Hyperlink below for article from MLHS website relating to this…

Research material from email enquiry
Photocopies of email communication, with regard to the residents of Springwood and James Andrew in the second half of the 19th, between Chairman of MLHS and member of New Mills Local History Society.

Newspaper Articles relating to Compstall Area
Numerous newspaper articles relating to Compstall Area from various publications and subjects in three punched pockets.(a) collection dating from 1700s and 1800s including : 1817 Compstall Bridge tenders, 1827 flood at Compstall Bridge, 1829 postal…

Compstall Memorial Cross
Two original drawings of Compstall War Memorial 1. (28.7.1922) and Revised Design of War Memorial (23.8.1922) by H C Powell, Architect, 9 Albert Square Manchester.Letter dated Oct 24th 1922 from Compstall Parish Church Council to Mrs Munn, inviting…

Leaflets : The Etherow & Goyt Valleys
Two leaflets "The Etherow & Goyt Valleys" published by the Valley Warden Service with sketch showing points of interest and industrial historical information, opening hours. undated

Ernocroft Wood : Historic Background : 1990
Photocopy of 14 page report produced by Greater Manchester Archaeological Unit, December 1990. Text and documentary research by Debra Stackwood on Ernocroft Wood with historical background and maps.Early History: Early Ownership of Ernocroft;…

Notes on Compstall Mills
Handwritten notes on printing industry of Compstall by 1895 along with general information on local mills.
Author and date unknown

Newspaper cuttings from 1903 - 2015 (some photocopied) relating to well-known Compstall residents. These include: Mrs Varden, nurse for Compstall Sick Nursing Association; Joseph Swindells, spinning manager also heavily involved with Compstall…
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