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Folder containing numerous miscellaneous colour and black and white photographs from 1994 - 2011 of History Society's Exhibitions, Excursions and Committee Members taken by members of the Society showing layouts, openings of exhibitions

Original and photocopied extract from The Ridge, Summer 1991 entitled "Marple Local History Society" giving information and history of the Society and requesting old records and photographs.

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Posters, Flyers and Events advertising Local History Events:
1. Exhibition Poster : 1995 : Years of Independence 1895-1974
2. Heritage Week Poster : 1995 : Events at Marple Library plus two original invitations.
3. Marple Hall Exhibition : 1996 :…

Two original 1963 Exhibition Programme for October 5th and 12th at Manor House, Station Road, Marple.
Programme produced by Marple Antiquarian Society giving details of Exhibits, Committee Members.
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