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Several hand drawn sketches by Tom Oldham of Primrose Mill giving details of the layout of the mill buildings, stream, pond and mill yard.
Several location maps from tithe maps, OS and 1857 Union Glossop Map

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Tom Oldham's research correspondence :-
(a) Letter, 1974, from Jack Jowett to Tom Oldham describing his childhood memories of Cataract Mill built by his father and of other mills in the areaa
(b) Reply from Tom Oldham whose grandfather fitted a…

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Handwritten notes on printing industry of Compstall by 1895 along with general information on local mills.
Author and date unknown

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Photocopy of a handwritten history of Bobbin Mill from its origins as a barn for Chapel House Farm around 1720 to 1986 when the unknown Author purchased the property.
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