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Green folder containing 4 miscellanceous Deeds : 1. Original copy of Abstract of Title dated 1892 E A Smith, A M Watts and G W Turner parcel of woodland, see plan.2 Original copy of Abstract of Title dated 1892 similar to above.3. Original copy of…

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Photocopy of 14 page report produced by Greater Manchester Archaeological Unit, December 1990. Text and documentary research by Debra Stackwood on Ernocroft Wood with historical background and maps.Early History: Early Ownership of Ernocroft;…

Material on Ernocroft Hall & Gardens
1. Correspondence between Ray Waghorn and Ann Hearle 2004, research and information.
2. Census Records 1841 - 1891

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Challinors & Shaw, Solicitors by order of the Mortgagees advertising flyer giving details of Auction for sale of Ernocroft Hall, Compstall to be held on 10th November 1925
Auctioneers Brady & Son, Manchester
Handwritten card stating sold for…
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