Box File 3 : Peak Forest Canal Booklets

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Box File 3 : Peak Forest Canal Booklets


Box File containing 19 booklets relating to the Peak Forest Canal Company.

1. New Mills Historical Society
Leaflets written by Olive Bowyer and published in 1989
The Peak Forest Canal : Upper Level Towpath Guide
The Peak Forest Canal : Lower Level Towpath Guide
The Peak Forest Canal : Its Construction and Later Development

2. Inland Waterways Protection Society :
The Bugsworth Heritage Trail
Leaflets written by Peter J Whitehead and published in 1998/9.
BHT 1 Bugsworth New Road to Wood Stop Place via Whaley Bridge
BHT 2 Bings Wood Stop Place to Bugsworth Basin
BHT 3 The Wharfinger's House, Canal Office and Gauging Stop Place
BHT 4 The Lime Kilns
BHT 5 Benjamin Outram
BHT 6 THe Mobile Wagon Tipplers
BHT 7 The Limestone Crusher House
BHT 8 Five Lime Sheds and Goods Warehouse
BHT 9 Hoisting by Crane

3. Inland Waterways Protection Society :
Miscellaneous topics
The Memoirs of Mrs Martha Barnes (2nd Edition, Needham/Whalley)
Following leaflets written by Peter J Whitehead:
John Cotton - The Bugsworth Wife Murderer
Marple Lime Works, Mineral Mill and Brick Works
Limestone - The Bugsworth Legacy
A Report on the Industrial Archaeology of the Peak Forest Tramway
Nature around Bugsworth Basin

4. Lancashire and Cheshire Antiquarian Society
Bugsworth Basin: Development , Decline and Restoration


These were given to Judith Wilshaw by the Inland Waterways Protection Society which disbanded in 2021.


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“Box File 3 : Peak Forest Canal Booklets,” Marple Local History Society Archives, accessed July 20, 2024,

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