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Box File containing 19 booklets relating to the Peak Forest Canal Company. 1. New Mills Historical SocietyLeaflets written by Olive Bowyer and published in 1989The Peak Forest Canal : Upper Level Towpath Guide The Peak Forest Canal : Lower Level…

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Miscellaneous photographs of Peak Forest Canal.
Three black and white photographs from Jean Heap.
(a) two photographs of Marple Rally 1966 and 1968 (dates queried on reverse)
(b) volunteers working on canal wall.
One colour photograph of Rally…

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Typed and hand written research material on the Peak Forest Canal Company : Author and dates unknown.
1. Typed general meeting notes showing state of debts of The Peak Forest Canal Company up to 1839 signed Hyde John Clarke, Chairman.

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Booklet entitled The Peak Forest Canal : Upper Level Towpath Guide by Olive Bower.
No 11 New Mills History Notes : Towpath Guide
68 pages covering history and industry with black and white photographs and hand drawn maps to assist the Towpath…
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