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Photocopy of newspaper report from unknown publication dated 1908? with six paragraphs of miscellaneous reports from Marple.
1. Report of successful examination students at Marple Tech Institute
2 & 3. On scarlet fever and typhoid outbreaks in…

Typed account from Hilda Howard (nee Atkinson) of her time working at the T.B. Hospital on Dale Road. Marple and then at Hollins Mill and later when that closed, at Goyt Mill.

Brtish Waterways letter 1959.jpg
British Transport Waterways, a 16th April 1959, Closure of Hollins Mill Arm Print an article on the canal arm from Pete Dixons Industral Heritage website,

A close-up inside Hollins Mill from a glass slide provided by Alan McDowell. 2.jpg
Stockport Advertiser 6th Nov 1920, 'The Hollins Mill Engine', details of the new engine 1,500 HP. Letter from Edward Wilkinson to Peter Bardsley - 30 August 1996, names the two engines as Gog and Magog. Copy of original advert for machinery sale in…

Reports from the Manchester Guardian.
March 10th 1910: Headline "Cotton Trade Dispute at Marple"
Hollins Mill, Marple was closed last night until further notice, and 650 operatives are thrown out of work
April 6th 1910: Headline "Maple Weavers…

Photocopy of Conveyance dated 11th December 1956 between The Hollins Mill (Marple) Limited and the Urban District Council of Marple for sale of Hollins Mill site as show on attached plan.

Wage list from Hollins Mill Nos. 26 & 28 Weft Mules
date April 24th 1922

Scan_20180324 (9).jpg
Typed schedule produced in 1978 listing all deeds relating to Hollins Mill including sites of police station and house clinic, old library, new library old folks hall and Hollins Shops

Scan_20180324 (2).jpg
Photocopy of Continuation abstract of the title of The Hollins Mill Co Limited to the Holllin Mill with two plans on A3 paper :
1. Dated 1905 showing Mill, workers cottages,associated buildings and branch canal.
2. Dated 1909 showing The Hollins…

Scan_20180319 (2).jpg
a. A3 photocopy of Schedule and Map called the Plan (referred to) showing Hollins Mill with Gasometer and assorted industrial building supporting Mill. Also Hollins House with Stables, gardens and surrounding parkland. Boundaries and named…

A small off-cut sample of a "Marple Sheet" produced at Hollins Mill with two loose embroidered tags, probably from other sheets. Also includes original paper packaging label and guarantee form, which includes the following text:


Hollins Mill from Memorial Park.
A number of photocopies of photographs relating to Hollins Mill. A few examples are include in this entry but to see all the society's images relating to Hollins Mill visit The Marple Website Virtual History Tour.

Chronological list of important dates and events from 1712, when the Hollins estate was indentured to Joshua Higginbotham, until 1988, when the final remains of Hollins Mill were demolished. See full copy of the list above.

Original cutting: North Cheshire Herald, 6 February 1920, 45 Years' service as Manager and Director, Presentations to Mr. and Mrs W. B. Hodgkinson.
Photocopy cutting: Reporter, 7 February 1920, Gift to Marple Work-People, W. B. Hodgkinson's Great…

Photocopies of posters and advertising material from various publications promoting Hollins Mill c1922.
An entry for the Hollins Mill in Skinner's Cotton Trade Directory 1931-32.
An entry for Carver and Co Carriers in the Williams' Leeds Directory…
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