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Photocopies of posters and advertising material from various publications promoting Hollins Mill c1922.
An entry for the Hollins Mill in Skinner's Cotton Trade Directory 1931-32.
An entry for Carver and Co Carriers in the Williams' Leeds Directory…

Front sheet of Audrey's notes.
15 x A4 pages of typed research notes identifying records in the Carill Worsley Archives relating to Hollins Mill, Carvers, Walmsleys and other items relating to Marple generally.

Original cutting: North Cheshire Herald, 6 February 1920, 45 Years' service as Manager and Director, Presentations to Mr. and Mrs W. B. Hodgkinson.
Photocopy cutting: Reporter, 7 February 1920, Gift to Marple Work-People, W. B. Hodgkinson's Great…

War Memorial Park plan.
Undated plan of War Memorial Park showing council offices, flowerbeds, tennis courts, bowling green and proposed putting green. c1922.
Undated plan of The Hollins showing farm yard, what was probably a walled garden (where the library is now) and…

Chronological list of important dates and events from 1712, when the Hollins estate was indentured to Joshua Higginbotham, until 1988, when the final remains of Hollins Mill were demolished. See full copy of the list above.

Hollins Mill from Memorial Park.
A number of photocopies of photographs relating to Hollins Mill. A few examples are include in this entry but to see all the society's images relating to Hollins Mill visit The Marple Website Virtual History Tour.

A small off-cut sample of a "Marple Sheet" produced at Hollins Mill with two loose embroidered tags, probably from other sheets. Also includes original paper packaging label and guarantee form, which includes the following text:


15 typed pages of draft Chapters / Notes by Peter Bardsley.
First draft, later used by Ann Hearle for a book. Two hundred years of three families who owned The Hollins Mill Hall Estate, The Carvers, the Hodgkinsons and the…

Scan_20180319 (2).jpg
Miscellaneous material realting to Betty Carver & Field Marshal Montgomery :
Extract from "The Making of a General" book.
Audrey Featherstone article The Marple Connection, full transcript on Marple website.
Newspaper article dated 1994 from…

carver predigree 001.jpg
History of Carver family from the 15c to 20c. Covering their business and family pedigree. Contains photographs of family, houses and business material.

carver 001.jpg
North Cheshire Herald 1883 : Marriage of Miss Carver.
The Herald 1911 : Death of Mr Thomas Carver.
The Reporter 1970 : Publication of Joyce Donald's book.
North Cheshire Herald : Mrs Mary Barlow death(eldest daughter of Thomas Carver)
Pages of…

census 001.jpg
14 pages of photocopied census records of the Carver Family at several locations and dates.

Photocopy of photograph showing Thomas & Hannah with family members on steps of Hollins House for Golden Wedding in 1904 with names underneath
Photocopy of photograph of John and Thomas Carver date unknown.
Extract 3/14 from Marple Website showing…

Email correspondence between Hilary Atkinson and David Waterson regarding Gravestone of Carver Family. Coloured Photograph of Stone cross enclosed show Harold Carver Barlow's name on one side.
Also colour photograph of Frank Barlow's gravestone at…

Information of Oswald Carver's military record during WW1 with the Royal Engineers and biography from www.Stockport website.
Handwritten short biography of Captain Oswald Armitage Carver : author unknown.
Single handwritten page…

Scan_20180319 (2).jpg
a. A3 photocopy of Schedule and Map called the Plan (referred to) showing Hollins Mill with Gasometer and assorted industrial building supporting Mill. Also Hollins House with Stables, gardens and surrounding parkland. Boundaries and named…

Scan_20180322 (3).jpg
Newspaper article with photograph from The Herald dated 15.10.1910. regarding donation of Recreation Ground and fountain by Mr Walter Bright Hodgkinson with details of opening ceremony and presentations.
Colour/ black and white photos of Fountain…

Scan_20180319 (3).jpg
Extract from A journey through Time : Holmes Chapel : Cotton and Cranage. book part written by Janet Yarwood last few pages covering the history of Cranage Hall and the period when the Carver Family lived at the Hall.
Photocopy of photograph of…

Handwritten research notes from several Trade directories including Slater, Kelly, Pigots and Whites Directory for Carver giving information of businesses and addresses of properties

Two photocopy photographs showing Wellington Mill Hazel Grove taken over by Hollins Mill & Co.
Newspaper photograph from The Guardian 11.1.1964. showing Wellington Mill on Fire.
Various research material regarding Wellington Mill & Poise House.

Colour Photographs of Carvers Warehouse taken 2014
Three pages of Handwritten research, author unknown.
Page 224 from Manchester Fifty Years ago, relating to Carvers Manchester concerns.
Page 24 from Warehouses, Wharves and Transport…

gibraltar 001.jpg
Copy and information of envelope with logo of Carver Bros, Gibraltar sent 1856 with date stamp description.

Colour photocopy of Garswood, 32 Trafalgar Road, Birkdale, Southport home of John Carver after he moved from Marple.

Photocopy of Map showing Greystoke dated 1914 home of John Carver after he moved from Marple

Three page chart showing family descendants from William Carver 1800-1875 to 1938

Poynton Towers 1.jpg
Two page typed text taken from Alderley & Wimslow Advertiser 8.9.1911. re the sale of Poynton Tower & Park Estate including gardens and pleasure grounds, pasture, the Paddock and associated farms and small buildings.
Description of Poyton Tower as a…
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