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Marple, Marple Bridge, Mellor, Compstall, Strines, Hawk Green, Rose Hill, High Lane.

It can be hard to believe that less than a century ago both Marple and Mellor were prime holiday destinations for the industrial towns of south Lancashire. Situated out in the country with fresh air, river walks and open moors, these places could also offer more sophisticated entertainment such as pleasure gardens, boating lakes and musical entertainment. This book looks at how these activities grew from small beginnings to bank holidays with thousands of day trippers coming to Marple station. As the advertising stated, it was “An ideal holiday resort.”

resort MarplreAuthor: Anthony Burton

Price £5.00

Publisher: Marple Local History Society

A5 book 54 pages. 44 illustrations

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  • Chapter 1 Recreation in Marple
    An overview of the attractions of the area and why people came in such numbers.
  • Chapter 2 Arriving by canal
    The earliest visitors made use of the canal to get away for a short break. For some it was the journey that mattered as much as the destination
  • Chapter 3 Arriving by railway
    The arrival of the railway brought with it large numbers of people wanting both leisure and entertainment. They were encouraged by the train companies looking for passengers and by entrepreneurs offering new and entertaining diversions.
  • Chapter 4 Arriving by road
    Rivalling the railways, there were other ways to travel. Horse-drawn vehicles, bicycles and then the advent of the internal combustion engine which gave rise to coaches and then the ubiquitous motor car.
  • Chapter 5 Varieties of visitor
    So who came to Marple and Mellor? The young, the old. The rich, the poor. Those looking for adventure and seekers after solitude.
  • Chapter 6 The Spring Gardens
    A new and different form of leisure offering both interest and entertainment for day visitors at a modest price.
  • Chapter 7 The Roman Lakes
    The big attraction in the first half of the twentieth century with entertainments, refreshments and a variety of activities.