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Coalmining in Marple and MellorThe availability of coal in the area was instrumental in attracting many of the mills to the area. Although it was difficult to mine it provided work for many men of the district (and before 1842 to many women and children as well). However, the coming of the railways brought cheap coal to the mills from Yorkshire and spelt the death knell for many local pits although some mining carried on until 1982.

Author : Derek Brumhead.

Published - Marple Local History Society September 2012.

A4 book 42 pages 54 illustrations.

Samuel Oldknow, a new perspectiveWe know Samuel Oldknow as one of the key figures in the early part of the Industrial Revolution - an innovator and an organiser who dominated the market for muslin before he was thirty. However, he was much more than that. A true product of the Enlightenment, there were many sides to his life and career. As a businessman, as a builder, as an agriculturist and above all, as a community leader, he changed the face of Marple and Mellor for ever. This definitive study of Oldknow's life examines every aspect of this complex man and his legacy which is still with us today.

Author: Hilary Atkinson

Published: Marple Local History, December 2015.

A5 Booklet, paperback, 68 pages.

rail 2022

This volume presents an overview of the way different transport networks have served Marple and Mellor since the first industries in the area. First the turnpikes, then the canal with early tramways and then the railways proper. It puts each of these systems into their historic context and shows the evolution over time as they both compete and then complement each other.

Author: Neil Mullineux

Published: Marple Local History, July 2015.

A5 Booklet, paperback, 50 pages

A history of the mill which epitomised Marple for over a century. It looks at the operation of the mill, how it was managed and the work involved. Just as important, it looks at the workers in the mill over the years and includes memories of some of the people who worked there. The narrative goes on to profile the various owners - who they were, how they managed and what happened to them when they left the mill. Finally it measures the impact the mill and its owners have had on Marple and District both at the time and the legacy that is still with us today.

Author: Ann Hearle.

Published: Marple Local History Society, 2014.

A5 booklet, 68 pages, 56 illustrations.

The Wright and Hudson families and their role in the developm138 brayns cover 2013ent of Marple 1750 - 1970.

Author: Ann Hearle.

Published: Marple Local History Society, July 2013.

A5 Booklet, 36 pages, 38 illustrations.

ISBN: 978-0-09540582-4-1

138 fields cover

Author: Anthony W Jones.

Published: Marple Local History Society, September 2013.

A5 Booklet, 56 pages

Price: £4

ISBN: 978-0-9540582-6-5

A new history of the two townships from earliest times to the present. Themarple and mellor new history 138 emphasis throughout is change – the changes that have happened in every aspect of life.  There has been enormous change but in many ways life in Marple has come full circle.

Author: Ann Hearle

Published: Marple Local History Society  September 2012

A4 book  68 pages  59 illustrations

ISBN 978-0-9540582-2-7

rose hill cover 640

The Drive in Rose Hill is a road leading to a housing estate and is indistinguishable from many other suburban roads except, perhaps, by the fact that it has no other name. This in itself is a little out of the ordinary, as if a greater significance had once been attached to it.

At first glance, this would appear unlikely; and even in the 1940s, before the housing estate was built, a passer-by would have seen merely a wide, unsurfaced lane with no street lights and without even a road sign for identification. This lane, branching off into fields on the south side of the main road to Marple just east of Marple’s Rose Hill Station, gave access to five modest though individual new houses, arranged four on one side of The Drive and one on the other, and each set in a large, well-tended garden.

Author: Kate Cooper.

Published: Marple Local History Society, 2020.

Marple dragged page 0001It can be hard to believe that less than a century ago both Marple and Mellor were prime holiday destinations for the industrial towns of south Lancashire. Situated out in the country with fresh air, river walks and open moors, these places could also offer more sophisticated entertainment such as pleasure gardens, boating lakes and musical entertainment. This book looks at how these activities grew from small beginnings to bank holidays with thousands of day trippers coming to Marple station. As the advertising stated, it was “An ideal holiday resort.”

Author: Anthony Burton

  • Chapter 1 - Recreation in Marple
  • Chapter 2 - Arriving by canal
  • Chapter 3 - Arriving by railway
  • Chapter 4 - Arriving by road
  • Chapter 5 - Varieties of visitor
  • Chapter 6 - The Spring Gardens
  • Chapter 7 - The Roman Lakes


Author: An anthology. Illustrated by Patricia Linnell

Published: Marple Local History Society New edition 2018

Price: £4.00