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Tel directory shadow 



The original of this directory, which may be seen by clicking Davenport Station Archives had phone numbers for all the Stockport area, this has been filleted to obtain the pickings for Marple,and surrounding area, this may be seen below, the pdf of the same is at Directory 1911

The National Telephone Company (NTC) was a British telephone company from 1881 until 1911 which brought together smaller local companies in the early years of the telephone. Under the Telephone Transfer Act 1911 it was taken over by the General Post Office (GPO) in 1912.


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Exchange Name Other names Occupation Address 1 (House) Address 2 (Street) Address 3 (Area)
Disley 02 Hall Chas. J.E. Solicitor m Breezeholme ~~~~~~~ Furness Vale
Disley 03 Scott Walter Solicitor Lynngarth ~~~~~~~  
Disley 04 Murray Lady Victoria Alexandrina Daughter of Earl & Countess of Dunmore. God daughter of Queen Victoria. Christian Scientist, see Edgar Wood Centre, Manchester Lilliecroft ~~~~~~~ Disley
Disley 05 Goodman Louis   West Bank   Disley
Disley 06 Darbyshire Alfred Merchant Woodgrange ~~~~~~ Disley
Disley 07 Pearson J.F. Insurance agent Barwicke Lodge Furness View Furness Vale
Disley 08 Tonge Richard Merchant shipper Stone Cliffe ~~~~~~~ Disley
Disley 09 Müller Richard Shipping merchant Greystones Disley Road Newton
Disley 10 Johnson E.W. Manufacturer Saranac    
Disley 11 Hague J.W. Retired Cotton Manufacturer Inglewood ~~~~~~ Disley
Disley 12 Allen J. Nelson Tobacco manufacturer Carversfield ~~~~~~ Disley
Disley 13 Makin J. & Son Ltd Paper Makers Lodge Chapel    
Disley 14 Baerlein E.M.   Marsden Ho   High Lane
Disley 15 Norris Anne (age 82)   Note: her son, George, a barrister at law, lives in next property, Halderns Private means Brantwood ~~~~~~~ Disley
Disley 16 Heathcote Rowland Physician & Surgeon South View Buxton Road Disley
Disley 17 Dog & Partridge Hotel J.M.Marchington       High Lane
Disley 18 Cameron G.N.M. Shirt & Clothing Manufacturer Glen Eli ~~~~~~~ Disley
Disley 19 Rams Head Hotel           (27 rooms) John Henry Holyoake Hotel Manager Rams Head Hotel ~~~~~~~ Disley
Disley 20 Donnell Jos Cotton Spinner Park Hill    
Disley 21 Hulme Edward Woollen draper & tailor (maker) employer MD Hillside ~~~~~~ Disley
Disley 22 Police Isaac Milner Sergeant Police Station ~~~~~~ Disley 
Disley 23 Newton Lord   Lyme Hall    
Disley 24 Yates J. Nurseryman, holly grower Ilex   Disley
Disley 25 Post Office Henry Curtis and Emma Curtis Emma is post mistress   Buxton Road Furness Vale
Disley 26 Boyle   Surgeon Dryhurst Lodge    
Disley 26 Hall Samuel Surgeon Dryhurst Lodge   Disley
Disley 27 Sealy R.B. Medical practitioner Scarthbarry    
Disley 28 Stockport Corporation Lyme Reservoirs   Lyme Park    
Disley 29 Heape Charles   Hartley   High Lane
Disley 30 Ardern W. Lcnsd victualler, Farmer Red Lion   High Lane
Disley 31 Scott F.A. Manufacturer of wire ropes Red Lodge ~~~~~~ Disley
Disley 32 Sidebotham J. & Son Builders, contractors   Buxton Road  
Disley 33 Montgomery A.H. Barrister at law Highfield Buxton Old Road Disley
Disley 34 Beith Donald Shipping merchant of cotton goods Glenanore ~~~~~~ Disley
Disley 36 Stafford Chas. Butcher Fountain Square, shop premises. Lived in High Lane   Disley
Disley 37 Crossley E.K. Miss     Wyberslegh Road  
Disley 38 Calico Printers Assoc.     Strines Print Works    
Disley 39 Crellin Wm. Spindle & Flyer manufacturer (managing director) textile merchant Langbraes ~~~~~~~~ Disley
Disley 40 Macham W.E. Plumber & Glazier   The Crescent  
Disley 41 Chorlton W.B. Clothing & Mantle manufacturer Strafford House ~~~~~~ Disley
Marple 01 Golf Club Archibald Challinor Steward Golf House, Offerton Road Torkington Stockport
Marple 01x Wheeldon George Grocer Beech House Ryfields (this is the tithe map plot name for the area around St Martin’s Road / Oldknow’s Road and the recreation ground) Marple
Marple 02 Goyt Mill Co   Spinning Co. Ltd   Hibbert Lane Marple
Marple 04 Bridge Harry Plumber West end Church La Marple
Marple 04x Wainwright Col. Charles Richard J.P. Private resident Norwood Arkwright Road Marple
Marple 05 Cheshire Cnty Constab     Police Station Stockport Road Marple
Marple 05 Police Samuel Willis Sergeant Police Station Stockport Road Marple
Marple 06 Williams A.G.   Fairbourne Manor Hill Road Marple
Marple 07 Jowett Wm. Ltd Mnfrs. Cataract Bridge Longhurst Lane Mellor also warehouses in Manchester, Birmingham, Dublin and Leeds.
Marple 07a Jowett William J.P. Estate Office     Mellor
Marple 08 Hudson F.M. Miss   Brabyns Hall   Marple
Marple 09 Rottenschweiler Emil Merchant & shipper raw cotton & cotton goods, employer Ellerslie St Martin’s Road Marple
Marple 10 Whittington H.T.   Lower Hall   Mellor
Marple 11 Jones William C. Private resident Leckonby Strines Road Marple
Marple 12 Post Office       Stockport Road Marple
Marple 13 Pott J.T. Hotel, Coach Proprietor Bull’s Head Hotel Market Street Marple
Marple 14 Williams Sam. Dyer & finisher of cotton piece goods Collingwood ~~~~~~~ Marple Bridge
Marple 15** Public Call Office Nat.Tel.Co.   Willow Grove Church Lane Marple
Marple 16 Shepley Marple Mills   Cotton spinners Rhode House Mill   Hawk Green
Marple 17 Walch J.E. & Co       Mellor
Marple 18 Bickerton Henry Niel Managing Director Gas & oil engineer Brentwood Church Lane Marple
Marple 19 Barlow Frank J.P. Woodville Buxton Lane Marple
Marple 196* Swain E.   Sailor Hotel    
Marple 199 Burton Harry Physician Selma Station Road Marple
Marple 1y Collier Bros   Coal Merchant, Auctioner Black Wharf Wharf Road Marple
Marple 20 Bevan T.M. Land agent The Manor House Station Road Marple
Marple 20 Hargraves S. Land Agent, Surveyor The Manor House Station Road Marple
Marple 21 Great Central & Midland Goods Office        
Marple 21a Great Central & Midland Booking Office        
Marple 22 Pickles Alfred Butcher Home & business 93 Church Lane Marple.
Marple 23 Marple UDC     Public Offices Market Street Marple
Marple 24 Hollins Mill Co.   Spinners & Mnfrs Hollins Mill   Marple
Marple 25 Barker Robert Private resident Beechwood ~~~~~~ Marple
Marple 26 Welch Stanley Jacobsen Welch Co, Hyde Kikmory Church Lane Marple
Marple 27 Dewhurst A.J.       Mellor
Marple 28 Pover Joseph Licensed Victualler Horse Shoe Inn Lower Fold Marple Bridge
Marple 29 Tierney Thomas Physician & Surgeon Towercroft Church Lane Marple
Marple 30 Plant Thomas Private resident Moorlands Hibbert Lane Marple
Marple 31 Ramie Co Ltd   Fibre extractors Primrose Mill ~~~~~~ Marple Bridge
Marple 32 Woodhouse Percy Merchant cotton goods Longmead Glossop Road Marple Bridge
Marple 33 Robinson J.E. Chemist 28 Market Street Marple
Marple 34 Tierney Thos Surgeon Oak Villa    
Marple 35 Dixon Sidney Private resident Kingslea Strines Road Marple
Marple 37 Vessey Bros   Builders & Contractors   St Martins Road Marple
Marple 38 Furniss Edwin Land Agent Strawberry Hill ~~~~~~~ Marple
Marple 39 Furniss E.D. Is this Edwin? His brother Lawrence lives at the Old Hall? Roman Bdge Lakes   Marple
Marple 4? Budenberg Christian F MD of limited company manufacturer of engine & boiler fittings Somerville St Martin’s Road Marple
Marple 40 Dean Joseph   White Ho   Mellor
Marple 41 Lenthall George   Goyt Lodge    
Marple 42 Forth Henry Agent aniline dyes & chemicals Stoke Lacey Hibbert Lane Marple
Marple 43 Cuff John Lionel Managing Director The Cottage   Strines
Marple 44 Hope J.B. Varnish Traveller Rivington Strines Road Marple
Marple 45 Richardson Thomas / James? Private resident Mellor Lodge   Marple
Marple 46 Cox W.J. Physician & Surgeon Brookfield Ho   Marple Bridge
Marple 47 Bradbury William /Mrs Marion Grocer & Draper   Stockport Road Marple
Marple 48 Ward Charles Edward Private resident Meadowcroft Meadowcroft Road Marple
Marple 49 Hibbert Chas H Surgeon/medical practitioner Surgery ~~~~~~ Marple Bridge
Marple 50 Taylor H. Chemist   Market Street Marple
Marple 51 Althoff Carl Private resident Locherbie Station Road Marple
Marple 52 Whitehead Greenwood Manager, Goyt Mill Fern Lea Hibbert Lane Marple
Marple 53 Horridge Thomas M. Ironmonger & Engineer, cycle dealer 8-10 Stockport Road Hollinside Marple
Marple 54 Drinkwater George William Solicitor K Longhurst Lane Mellor
Marple 55 Goddard James Canal General Carrier 24 Mottram View, Lock View Church Lane Marple
Marple 56 Smith Alfred Retired bleacher Bosden House ~~~~~ Hazel Grove cum Bramhall
Marple 57 Beeley James Cooke Private resident Foxlow Arkwright Road Marple
Marple 58 Stockport Corporation Waterworks Dept       High Lane
Marple 59 Woods G.Hubert   Sunny Bank   Marple Bridge
Marple 60 Johnson Albert Knowles Manufacturer stationery & printer Rose Cottage Dark Lane (now Dale Road) Marple
Marple 61 Bowler J.S.   Eyam Cottage Mellor Rd Mellor
Marple 62 Standring J. Wine Merchant Avondale Winnington Road Marple
Marple 63 Webb Edward Director tarpaulin & paper works Ferniehurst Winnington Road Marple
Marple 64 Harris Hamilton   Irene   Mellor
Marple 65 Godwin Benjamin Managing Engineer Beech Mount Station Road Marple
Marple 66 Ewbank Rev R.   The Vicarage   Mellor
Marple 67 Braddock & Lee   Ironmonger, Tinplate Wks   27 Stockport Road Marple
Marple 68 Kay W.W. Householder Kirkleigh (1911 census, it was a boarding house) Longhurst Lane Marple Bridge
Marple 69 Garnett Edward Norman Cotton cloth salesman The Hollies   Marple
Marple 70 Hepworth Reuben Alfred Gas engineer contractor, employer Derby House Winnington Road Marple
Marple 71 Pugh Arthur District Manager, south Lancs National Telephone Co West View, 59 Church Street Marple
Marple 72** Public Call Office Ardern James Samuel Farmer and confectioner   Longhurst Lane Marple Bridge
Marple 73 Diver Daniel John Water Superintendent surveyor & sanitary inspector   Ridge Avenue Marple
Marple 74 Lees Arthur L. MD Brewery Company, employer Manor House Torkington Road Hazel Grove cum Bramhall
Marple 75 Swainson Edwin Arthur Cleveland MA MB Medical practitioner The Gables Stockport Road Marple
Marple 76 Woodiwiss & Chadwick   Builders & Contractors   Longhurst Lane Mellor
Marple 77 Street Robert Mark Reginald Cotton salesman, merchant Monreith Longhurst Lane Mellor
Marple 78 Falconer Mrs L Baker & Confectioner Sunny Bank Bakery 9 Hollins Lane Marple
Marple 79 Vernon J.H. Cabinetmaker, undertaker 53 Stockport Road Marple
Marple 80 Dods Kate Mrs (died 1911). Husband: Harry Alexander Mr Dods was a bleacher’s townsman Holmfield Winnington Road Marple
Marple 81 Clements William Alexander Dental surgeon Ravenswood Station Road Marple
Marple 82 Marple UDC Gas Works James Laws manager Charles Johnson secretary     Marple Bridge
New Mills 01** Public Call Office Nat.Tel.Co.     Market Street Marple
New Mills 02 Dalton J. & C. & Co Emery cloth mnfrs Albion Mills    
New Mills 03 Scattergood & Sons   Contractors, Builders Hurstfield Church Road  
New Mills 04 Warksmoor Mill Co   Wste spinners     New Mills
New Mills 05 Wright Hawarth & Co   Bleachers Albert Works    
New Mills 06 Williamson S.L. & Son Builders   Buxton Road New Mills
New Mills 07 Swan Hotel (Robert Henry Lomas) Licensed Victualler ~~~~~~ Buxton Road Newtown
New Mills 08 Swindells J.W. Builder & Contractor Arden House Church Street  
New Mills 09 Hudson J. & Sons Builders & Contractors     Low Leighton
New Mills 10 Calico Printers Assoc.     Wood Print Wks   Hayfield
New Mills 11 Arnfield J.& E. Engineers & Merchants Globe Works    
New Mills 12 Higginbottom G. & E. Chemical Mnfr, Drysalters Salem Works   New Mills
New Mills 13 Hadfield J.J. Garrison Bleach Wks     Birch Vale
New Mills 14 Phethean J. & Co. Bleachers Bate Mill   New Mills
New Mills 15 Campbell Walter & Co     St George’s Road  
New Mills 16 Lee J. & R. Coppersmiths   Union Road New Mills
New Mills 17 Wood Dan. Cotton waste spinner Victoria Mill   New Mills
New Mills 17a Wood Daniel Cotton waste spinner Fern Bank Bank End Furness Vale
New Mills 18 New Mills UDC     Town Hall   New Mills
New Mills 19 Whitehead Alfred Physician & Surgeon Albion House ~~~~~~ Newtown
New Mills 20 Grove Mill Paper Co. Ltd         New Mills
New Mills 21 Boyle S. & D. Builders & Contractors   High Lea Road  
New Mills 22 Yates E. & Sons Engineers, brass finishers     New Mills
New Mills 23 Drinkwater Thomas Veterinary Surgeon 14 Buxton Road Newtown, New Mills
New Mills 24 Bevan T.M. Architect & Surveyor 4 Union Road  
New Mills 25 Wild William Lime Merchant Beehive Union Road New Mills
New Mills 26 Sayer John Complete house furnisher, upholsterer, cabinet maker   41 Market Street (home & work) New Mills
New Mills 27 Knowles R.E. Fire Clay Mnfr     Furness Vale
New Mills 28 Clegg E.B. Calico Printer Furness Bldg   Furness Vale
New Mills 29 Collier J.E. Auctioneer, Htl Valuer Lea Ho    
New Mills 30 Hawthorn J & Co. Engineers, Ironfounders Canal Foundry    
New Mills 31 Higginbottom John Ironmonger 22 Market Place  
New Mills 32 Post Office       Market Street  
New Mills 33 Midland Railway Co.   General Carriers Railway Station   New Mills
New Mills 34 Lowe W.S. Cotton Spinner Torr Vale Mills    
New Mills 35 Howarth William   20 Buxton Road New Mills
New Mills 36 L&NW Railway Co         New Mills
New Mills 37 Arnfield Thomas Owen Engineer mechanical Redgate ~~~~~~~ New Mills
New Mills 38 Anderton J.E. Physician & Surgeon Thornfield Spring Bank New Mills
New Mills 39 Bowden Joseph Rose Solicitor Westfield ~~~~~~~ New Mills
New Mills 40 Chapman William Physician & Surgeon Rock Villas    
New Mills 41 James G.O. Cab prptr. Frutre Stres      
New Mills 42 High Peak Bottling Wks       Hague Bar Road  
New Mills 43 Police          
New Mills 44 Hawkins Horatio Solicitor Albert House Buxton Road Newtown
New Mills 45 Stockport Corporation Kinder Waterworks       Hayfield
New Mills 46 Calico Printers Assoc.     Watford Br Print Wk    
New Mills 47 New Mills UDC Gas Works        
New Mills 48 Rowbottom James E. Merchant, cotton yarn, employer Redmoor Mill Home:                 32 Buxton Road New Mills
New Mills 49 Brunswick Mill Co   Spinners & Doublers     New Mills
New Mills 50 Co-operative Society         New Mills
Whaley Bridge            
Whaley Bridge 01** Public Call Office Nat.Tel.Co.        
Whaley Bridge 02 Hall Edward & Bros. Blchrs     Whaley Bridge
Whaley Bridge 02a Hall Edward Junr. Manager, cotton bleaching The Dingle ~~~~~~~ Fertile
Whaley Bridge 03 Goyt Mill Co   Cotton Mnfrs Goyt Mills    
Whaley Bridge 04 Bennett & Jackson   Yrn, Wrp, Blhrs     Whaley Bridge
Whaley Bridge 05 Simpson William Cotton manufacturer Lynton Whaley Lane Whaley Bridge
Whaley Bridge 06 Kirk A. Coal Merchant Goods Station    
Whaley Bridge 07 Blandola Co. Ltd     Ringstone ChemWk    
Whaley Bridge 08 Saxby Chas. Calico Printers     Furness Vale
Whaley Bridge 09 Clarke Charles Frederick Linen Mnfr Bothomes Hall ~~~~~~~ Whaley Bridge
Whaley Bridge 10 Whaley Bridge Colliery         Whaley Bridge
Whaley Bridge 11 Cooper P.H. & Co Grocers & Millers     Whaley Bridge
Whaley Bridge 12 Jodrell Estate Office       Whaley Bridge
Whaley Bridge 13 Toler Thomas Clayton   Taxal Lodge    
Whaley Bridge 14 Whaley Bridge Friend So         Whaley Bridge
Whaley Bridge 15 Bingswood Printing Co         Whaley Bridge
Whaley Bridge 17 Pearson George   White Horse Hotel    
Whaley Bridge 19 Little G.W.   Park House    
Whaley Bridge 20 Johnstone C.B. Dr Medical practitioner, teacher of medicine One Ash Buxton Road Whaley Bridge
Whaley Bridge 21 Waterhouse J. Cab proprietor   Old Road Whaley Bridge
Whaley Bridge 22 Bailey Stanley Architect, Estate Agent   Station Road  
Whaley Bridge 23 Mothersill W. Colonel   Whaley Hall   Whaley Bridge
Whaley Bridge 24 L&NW Railway Co Goods Depot       Whaley Bridge
Whaley Bridge 25 Coddington C.D.     Over Lea Bank  
OTHER (Incomplete)            
Bramhall 02 Preston Joshua Wholesale clothier Glengarry    
Bramhall 03 Brooks A.P.   Ashford Bramhall Lane Bramhall
Bramhall 04 Ritson C.P.   Endicot    
Bramhall 05 Eadie Daniel Contractor Craig Rossie    
Bramhall 06 Barlow Edward Merchant Newlyn   Bramhall
Bramhall 09 Greenhalgh John   The Firs   Cheadle Hulme
Bramhall 14 Cook Miss   174 Bramhall Lane Bramhall
Bramhall 15 Kendall I. Lomax   Karachi Bramhall Lane Bramhall
Bramhall 16 Redfern John E. Brush Mnfr The Gables   Bramhall
Bramhall 17 Bateman John   Greystead    
Bramhall 18 Astington W.H.       Bramhall
Bramhall 20 Burgons Ltd   Grocers, tea merchants 46 Bramhall Lane Bramhall
Bramhall 24 Clay J.H.     Bramhall Grange  
Bramhall 26 Chapman J.D. Butcher     Bramhall
Bramhall 27 Gradwell S. Butcher   Woodford Road Bramhall
Bramhall 28 Corrie & Sons   Fish, game, fruit Post Office Building   Bramhall
Bramhall 29 Burton M. Confectioner, caterer   Market Square Bramhall
Bramhall 30 Parkinson J. Stationer, hairdresser, librar   Market Place  
Bramhall 31 Clifton F.   Oakfield   Cheadle Hulme
Bramhall 32 Mellor Harold P. Solicitor Delamere   Bramhall
Bramhall 34 Ramsdale J.E.   Wilderspool Bramhall Lane  
Bramhall 35 Bowes A.P.   The Chalet   Bramhall
Bramhall 36 Smith A.C.        
Bramhall 40 Prebble E.   Whitewell Bramhall Lane  
Denton 002 Ashworth Adam Felt hat mnfr   Hooley Hill Guide Bridge
Denton 002x Clayton & Webb   Hatters specialities   Wilton Street Denton
Denton 002y Richardson H.&P. Hatters’ machinists     Denton
Denton 003 Moores J & Sons Felt hat mnfrs   Heaton Street  
Denton 004 Blyth Peter Ltd Hat box mnfrs Victoria Works   Guide Bridge
Denton 006 Higginbottom & Oldham Hat mnfrs     Denton
Denton 010 Radcliffe & Ogden       Howard Lane  
Denton 012 Bracher T.W. & Co Htrs Spells Royal George St Denton
Denton 015 Downs Julius & Sons Hat box Mnfrs Provdnest Hooleyhl  
Denton 019 Howe Joseph & Sons Hat Mfrs   Amelia Street Denton
Denton 020 L&NW Railway Co     Denton Goods Yard   Denton
Denton 021 Carlton & Co Ltd   Hat Mnfr   Glebe Street Denton
Denton 022 Lancashire Felt Co Ltd         Denton
Denton 023 Bevan James & Co Hat Mnfrs Pitt Stockport Road  
Denton 026 Burgess H. & Co Hat Mnfr   Wilton St Denton
Denton 027 Cooke, Smith & Co       Egerton Street Denton
Denton 028 Ruttenau W. & Co Hat, Leather Dressers Good Hope Mills   Ashton u L
Denton 029 Davies Amos Hat leather mnfr     Audenshaw
Denton 031 Broadbent Lees & Son   Hat Mfrs     Denton
Denton 033 Noblett Robert Hat leather mnfr     Audenshaw
Denton 034 Higginbottom Samuel Hat Mnfr   Hooley Hill  
Denton 035 Oldham and Son   Pistons, Rings, Coils Steel Piston Works    
Denton 036 Platt Wm. & Son Boxmakers     Denton
Denton 039 Marlor James & Sons     Taylor Lane  
Denton 042 hyde Paper Mnfg Co     Broomstair Mill    
Denton 043 Shaw Geo & Co Galloons, Pncg, Papr 63 Stockport Road  
Denton 044 Appleby Robert Skin merchant   Hooley Hill  
Denton 045 Catlow E. Leather stitcher   Manchester Road Denton
Denton 047 Robinson P & Co Hatters, Fur Cuts Victoria Works Wilton Street  
Denton 048 Post Office       Victoria Street  
Denton 058 Moores, Birkby & Brown   Hat Mnfrs   Windmill Lane Denton
Denton 062 Davies Frederick Furrier   Taylor Lane Denton
Denton 063 Brown John Wire Mnfr   Two Trees Lane  
Denton 064 Joughin   Pharmacist   Manchester Rd  
Denton 191 Pinnington C.H. Auctnr, Estate Agent   Peel Street  
Denton 192 French J.H. Leather dresser   Denton Road Hooley hl
Denton 193 Redfern W.H. Coach Proprietor 30 Hyde Road  
Denton 194 May, William & Co   Galloon Mnfrs   Pitt at Hooley Hill  
Denton 195 Hilton S & Co Leather dressers 143 Ashton Road Denton
Denton 199 Senior H. Printing   Ann Street  
Denton 200 Denton Colliery Co Ltd         Denton
Hyde 015 Cheetham John & Sons Felt hat mnfr Kingston Hat Works    
Hyde 017 Brooks J.Hall   Brentwood Joel Lane Gee Cross
Hyde 019 Higginbotham Jas & Son     Mount St Hyde
Hyde 026 Booth E.   !50 Benntt Hyde
Hyde 033 Oldham & Fogg   Hat Mnfrs     Hyde
Hyde 043 Hyde Steam Laundry       Swain at Hyde  
Hyde 051 Redfern’s Rubber Works         Hyde
Hyde 053 Hall Joshua     Further Hey Woodley
Hyde 055 Dearnaley J. Wls, Satns Trmngs   Swain St  
Hyde 057 Blades T.P.   The Beeches   Romiley
Hyde 063 Macqueen & Co Ltd   Hat Mnfrs   Hill Gee Cross
Hyde 079 Pickering James Brassfounder   Clarendon Street  
Hyde 085 Bury & Hopwood   Chams Lthr Drssrs      
Hyde 086 Hyde & District Spinners Assoc   29 George St Hydedenton 42
Hyde 087 Hyde Weavers Assoc     27 George St Hyde
Hyde 100 “Herald” office   Printers & Publishers   Hamnett Hyde
Hyde 101 Firth A & Co Colliery agents   Station yard Hyde
Hyde 104 Calico Printers Assoc.     Newton Bank Wks    
Hyde 108 Hyde & District Cardroom oprs Ass   144 George St Hyde
Hyde 121 Jacobsen (Prvt Br Exch) Welch & Co   Newton Mill   Hyde
Hyde 135 Rogers & Co   Brassfounders, Strp fitting   Manchester Road  
Hyde 136 Mayall & Massey Ltd   Cotton Doublers     Woodley
Hyde 186 Hibbert Westbrook & Pennington Solicitors Clarendon Place   Hyde
Stockport 001 Hollins Mill Co.   Cotton spinners, manufacturers     Hazel Grove
Stockport 002 Police Station         Stockport
Stockport 003 Post Office          
Stockport 007 Mills Exors of James       Bredbury
Stockport 012 Poynton & Worth Colliers       Towers Yard Poynton
Stockport 012a Poynton & Worth Colliers (P.Wood)   Woodside   Poynton
Stockport 012b Poynton & Worth Colliers (G.C.Greenwell)   Beechfield   Poynton
Stockport 035 Cheshire Cnty Constab         Hazel Grove
Stockport 035 Police Station         Hazel Grove
Stockport 038 Pearson Isaac Ltd Cotton doublers Goyt Mill    
Stockport 039 Battersby & Co   Hat Mnfrs Offerton Hat Works   Offerton
Stockport 041 Cheshire County News       Wellington Street Stockport
Stockport 046 Cheshire Regiment 6th Battalion       Stockport
Stockport 053 Cheshire Lines Comm   Goods station   Wellington Road Stockport
Stockport 056 Infirmary         Stockport
Stockport 082 Elder Mill Ltd   Cotton spinners   Green Lane Romiley
Stockport 127 Barlow R & Sons Printers & Lithographers     Bredbury
Stockport 143 Bredbury Colliery Co Ltd     Bredbury Colliery    
Stockport 143a Bredbury Colliery Co Ltd H Backhouse (sec)        
Stockport 161 Ardern L Yarn Mnfrs     Hazel Grove
Stockport 169 Hyde Louis   Bredbury Hall   Bredbury
Stockport 212 Bredbury & Romiley UDC       School Brow Bredbury
Stockport 214 Moore Thomas Surgeon Moseley House   Haze; Grove
Stockport 219 Davies & Metcalf Ltd   Engineers     Romiley
Stockport 222 Hazel Gr & Bramhll UDC     Council Offices   Hazel Grove
Stockport 225 Cheshire CC Police Station       Bredbury
Stockport 225 Police Station         Bredbury
Stockport 241 Harrison J & T Brick manufacturers     Bredbury
Stockport 246 Fire Station       Mersey Square  
Stockport 263 Crosland Wm. Ltd Box makers’ machinists     Bredbury
Stockport 289 Pollack & Macnab Ltd   Engineers     Bredbury
Stockport 291 Cheshire Lines Comm   Tiviot Dale Station     Stockport
Stockport 321 Gosling & Stafford   Contractors, wheelwrights 50 London Road Hazel Grove
Stockport 331 Hazel Gro Rubber Co Ltd   Rubber Mnfrs   Bramhall Moor Lan Hazel Grove
Stockport 363 Shirley Edward Coal Merchant? Auldyn House Offerton Lane  
Stockport 366 Cant Frederick Physician & Surgeon     Woodley
Stockport 398 Ramie Co Ltd   Zeimar mantle mnfrs     Bredbury
Stockport 398 Ramie Co Ltd   Zeimar Mantle Mnfrs     Bredbury
Stockport 39a Battersby & Co Mr Battersby   Strathclyde   Offerton
Stockport 434 Clayton J. Grocer, Corn miller 231 London Road Hazel Grove
Stockport 448 Bridden & Fowler   Flour Mill Engrs     Bredbury
Stockport 501 Labour Exchange (Board of Trade)     Tiviot Dale Stockport
Stockport 953* Higginson W.M. Licenses victualler Romiley Arms Hotel   Romiley
Stockport 995 Hibbert Mrs M.E.   Strathmore Derby Road Heaton Moor